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Air Conditioner Maintenance – Loveland Colorado

The air conditioner needs to be well maintained so that it can keep functioning right. A broken unit is not desired, especially when it is needed. You can maintain your air conditioner by undertaking simple tasks that will prevent it from being damaged. You can also call the attention of professionals to carry out regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit for more efficiency and longer life span of the unit.

Before you carry out any maintenance task on the unit, make sure that the power of the unit is turned off. You can hire the service of professionals for the best results. The tips below will guide you on how to maintain your air conditioning unit effectively.

• Clean And Replace The Filter
If your filter is reusable, then it should be regularly cleaned. Air conditioners are mostly used during the winter and summer seasons. The filter should thus, be cleaned every month during these seasons. Cleaning the filter will remove the allergens, dirt and dust that can tamper with the flow of air in the AC. You can also replace the filter if the need arises.

• Check The Thermostat
The thermostat needs to work properly so that the entire home can receive appropriate temperature. You can upgrade to a programmable thermostat so that you can have an easier time to control the temperature in the home while creating a comfortable environment at the same time. Programmable thermostat will also save energy and reduce the electricity bill incurred from running your air conditioning unit.

• Inspect The Condensing Unit
The fan on the condenser needs to be in good condition. It is therefore important to check it regularly. The fan should be replaced if its blades have chips or cracks. The oil fan motor bearings of old ACs must be oiled regularly. You also need to look for signs of burned wires in the condensing unit. You need an air conditioner contractor to get this rectified.

• Inspect The Unit Wiring
You need to check the electrical connections of your AC unit while doing your maintenance checks. Check the unit capacitor and the contractor switch to see if there’s any excessive pitting that needs to be replaced. You can call on your local air conditioning expert to help you with the wiring repairs of your air conditioner.


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