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Air Conditioner Repair Tips – Loveland Colorado

It’s painful when your air conditioner breaks down when you need it the most, most especially during the summer season. You can correct the serious issues with your air conditioner with some technical knowledge and some sorts of logical thinking coupled with some common sense. In this article, we have highlighted some common problems with air conditioners and how such problems can be rectified. These tips should help you get your air conditioner back on track.

• Air Conditioner Does Not Cool Well
This is the commonest problem that air conditioners have. To correct this problem, ensure the thermostat is correctly set to the right temperature. You also need to find the circuit breaker to see if there is a tripled fuse. The outlet’s voltage must also meet the requirement of your air conditioner. You also need to remove the filter and clean it. Clean filters will improve air flow. The compressor and condenser should also be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Ensure that the compressor is functioning. If it’s not working, you need to call the attention of the technician.

• Water Dripping Around The Base Of The Air Conditioner
This condition can arise from a leaky pipe. Such pipe needs to be replaced. If the pipe is blocked, then it should be cleaned. If condensation occur when the pump transferring hot air into the condenser does not function, then you need to call your AC technician.

• Ice Forming In The Air Conditioner
Ice is usually formed when the evaporator coil of the indoor unit is frozen and cold liquid refrigerant flows to the outside unit via the refrigerant line thereby freezing the entire unit. This can be rectified by switching off the air conditioner and the fan so that the ice can be melted.

Ice can also be formed if the filter is dirty. This inhibits the flow of air over the evaporator coil thereby causing it to freeze. This can be rectified by cleaning the filter regularly. You also need to ensure that the supply and return vents are not blocked.

Refrigerant leaks, faulty indoor blower and blocked evaporator coils amongst other air conditioner problems should be handled by air conditioner professionals.


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