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How to Protect My Windows – Loveland Colorado

The home’s windows are one of the most crucial aspects of the home’s security. They are usually overlooked and sacrificed for more expensive and technological solutions. Thieves can have access into the home through the doors and windows. Doors are usually more secured, thus, windows are often the weakest point of entry since they are often overlooked. Highlighted in this article are tips on how you can protect your windows, thereby improving your home security.

• The Use of Reinforced Glass
Glass windows can be reinforced with secure materials through different methods. The first method is through the use of tempered glass. This is more durable than traditional glass and thus, difficult to break. It is also a cheap option for reinforced glass. Another option is laminated glass (which is also referred to as safety glass). It is an excellent option for a homes windows and consists of a layer of vinyl which is sandwiched between two sheets of glass.

The use of wire mesh, or bullet-resistant glass, also offers more protection.

• The Use of Polycarbonate And Plexiglas Windows
Plexiglas windows are also known as acrylic windows. They have the same thickness as traditional glass and are about 10 times stronger. Polycarbonate windows may be more expensive, but are much more secure. They are about 250 times more resistant to impact than safety glass and also about 10 times stronger than acrylic windows.

• The use of Window Bars
The use of window bars is another excellent option for protecting your window and the home. Decorative window bars can be made to fit your home’s design by customizing them. Iron bars make the home burglar resistant. Many people do not like the idea of using window bars because they make their homes look like prisons.

However, there are companies that can customize decorative iron bars that will fit your home’s style.

In conclusion, experts often recommend strong, visible window locks on the basement, as well as first-floor windows, and deadbolts on upper levels. These will help improve the security of the home.


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  • Tobias Armstrong
    June 28, 2016, 2:14 pm REPLY

    I had no idea that there were so many recognized methods of protecting glass. I knew that reinforced glass was a thing, but I didn’t know that you could get it for your regular house glass. It sounds like plexiglass windows do much the same thing as well. These were some really great ideas about how to handle windows, so thanks for sharing!

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