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The temperatures are rising and summer is approaching. This is the best time to get your air conditioner in place to provide you with cool and comfortable air. Many people may decide to turn on their air conditioner without doing any preparation work on it. Doing this will only lead to problems. Some of the problems that can arise from not paying attention to your air conditioner’s maintenance include:

  • High cost of repairs
  • High energy bills
  • Poor cooling
  • Unplanned need to replace the cooling unit.

Thus, now is the best time to do any necessary maintenance and repairs on your air conditioner for effective and efficient cooling. Do not do any maintenance work that you are not sure of on your air conditioner yourself.  Highlighted below are some repairs or maintenance work that can be done on your AC.

Clean or Replace the Air Filters

While preparing your AC for the summer season, you need to wash filters that can be re-used, while the bad ones should be replaced with new ones. Clean air filters ensure that clean air is discharged into the home and helps the air conditioner to run efficiently. They also prevent the fan motor from burning out while preventing strange noises due to dirty filters.

Go through the manufacturer manual to know the number of filters your AC has, as well as their location.

Check the Ducting

Hiring the service of a professional contractor will help in discovering any holes in the ducts. A professional will also be able to know if any seams have come apart. The ducts should be repaired because doing so will enable the air conditioner to function properly and also increases the AC’s energy efficiency. Good ducts will also give room for increased ability of the AC to keep the home cool.

Remove the Debris

With prolonged use, leaves as well as other debris can be trapped in the condenser and the external vents of the AC unit. Debris can block the fans of the coil of the air conditioner and this is a threat to the “health” of the air conditioner. Such debris can damage the unit since it won’t be able to take in air as well as expel air properly. By getting rid of debris, good air will be able to move into the AC and there won’t be any obstruction to the moving parts of the air conditioning unit.

Hire the Service of a Professional

Your air conditioner requires necessary maintenance so that it can be effective this summer. Some of the maintenance that should be handled by professionals include:

  • Maintenance of the correct gas charge
  • Cleaning of the condenser and evaporator coils
  • Flushing of drains.
  • Tightening of electrical connections

A professional can also suggest the necessary repairs that will extend the life of your AC unit. When a professional maintains your air conditioner, you will enjoy the best energy efficiency throughout this summer. A professional will also ensure that your investment is retained and that you get the best performance throughout the summer season. Give Loveland Air Conditioners a call today for your FREE service quote!


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