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Proactive measures should be taken to reduce electricity bills incurred through the use of air conditioners. Highlighted in this article are simple tips that you can make use of to prevent high-priced energy bills this summer.

• Prevent Solar Heat Gain

You can achieve this by closing curtains, shades, and blinds. Doing this will reduce heat gain by about 45%. Preventing solar heat gain will help in energy savings. You can make use of light-colored treatments as well. Such treatments will help to deflect the sun’s rays. You can also hang shades very close to the windowpanes so that they can block the heat outside from entering the room. All of these will help to save money during the warmer seasons.

• Maintain The Air Conditioner

You may use an AC unit that is energy-efficient and can even install a programmable thermostat. However, all of these will amount to nothing if the air conditioner is not maintained. Dirty air filters will block the flow of air and makes the AC unit work harder in cooling the home. Cleaning or replacing the air filters at least once every month will go a long way in reducing the rate at which the unit consumes energy by about 5% to 15%. Ensure that the floor registers in a central cooling system are not blocked by dust. The evaporator and the condenser coils should not be filled with dirt and other debris.

• Operate Your Air Conditioner Economically

The smaller the difference that exists between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the smaller the cost that will be incurred. So, set your air conditioner as high as possible by making use of a programmable thermostat so as to increase the temperature when you are out. Doing this will decrease your cooling bill by about 10%.

• Avoid The Buildup Of Heat During The Day

Reduce the activities that generate heat within the home. Such activities include cooking on the stovetop, using the dishwasher and clothes dryers. You can microwave your food or grill it outside. You can also wash your dishes by hand and dry them by air. Appliances such as computers and television sets also generate heat. By reducing the heat generation in the home, you will save money on electricity.

• Use Ceiling Fan Or Other Fans For Air Circulation

Fans may not cool the room but they will make you make you more comfortable while you are in the room. Just ensure that the fan is switched off when no one is in the room to avoid electricity wastage. Ceiling fans can help disperse cooled air efficiently.


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