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Lower Your AC Bill This Summer With Loveland Air Conditioners

Lower Your AC Bill This Summer With Loveland Air Conditioners

Summe means BBQs, pool parties, and camping trips. Many people look forward to the warm summer months, but occasionally, summer weather can be sticky, hot, and uncomfortable. A reliable air conditioner will keep your home comfortable and free from the heat. While air conditioners are great they can quickly become a hefty expense. At Loveland Air Conditioners, we strive to help our customers save money. We want you to stay cool and comfortable this summer without breaking the bank. Consequently, in this article, Loveland Air Conditioners will share four way to lower your air-conditioning costs.

Feel The Breeze

A fan is a great way to cool down your home without lowering your AC. During the summer months be sure you have a few reliable fans around your home or office. Circulating air throughout your home or business will quickly reduce your AC bill. We also recommend using your fans upstairs and opening windows downstairs. This will optimize the airflow in your home.

Go Green

Planting trees and plants around your home is a great way to save energy and reduce your air-conditioning bill. Trees are a great way to prevent the sun from shining inside your home. Most professionals recommend purchasing a tree between 15- to 20-feet-tall. Obviously, taller trees will provide more shade. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, trees can improve your AC’s efficiency by up to 10%.

Program Your AC

Program your AC so you no longer waste unnecessary energy. You can easily reduce your AC utility bills by 5% to 15% by raising the temperature when you’re not home. It’s pointless to leave the air conditioner running in an empty home.  Ask Loveland Air Conditioners about our programmable air conditioners. We can even recommend hitech air conditioners that allow you to program your AC from your phone or laptop.

Proper Maintenance

Maintaining your AC is possibly the best thing you can do to reduce your AC bill. It is important you regularly clean your AC and have it looked at by professionals. We recommend having your AC inspected at least once a year. Proper maintenance is easy with Loveland Air Conditioners, we will happily maintain and repair your AC. Follow our blog for more information about AC maintenance or give us a call at: (970) 541-9244                                           

In conclusion, reducing your energy use will cut the cost of utilities, and it is environmentally conscious. Stay cool during the sweltering summer month. At Loveland Air Conditioners, we will help you find a system that works well for your or repair your current system. You can count on Loveland Air Conditioners.

At Loveland Air Conditioners we have over 15 years of experience in our field. We have earned a reputation for superior work and customer service. Loveland Air Conditioners is committed to outstanding customer service and job performance. We dedicate our blog to our customers.

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  • Tyler Johnson
    June 10, 2019, 7:19 pm REPLY

    That’s good to know that the best thing to save some money on air conditioning would be to have it checked by a professional. I would think that would be a good way to make sure that I could avoid repair costs as well. I’ll have to consider getting someone to help me maintain my air conditioner this summer.

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