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The replacement or cleaning of air conditioner filters is often a critical maintenance task. The filters, coils and fins of an air conditioner require regular maintenance in order to ensure the effective and proper functioning of the whole unit throughout its years of service. Poor maintenance culture could lead to a steady decline in the unit’s performance as well as increased energy consumption.

Highlighted below are various maintenance practices that can be carried out on the various components of the air conditioner.


·      Filters

In order to maintain the efficiency of the air conditioner, the filters need to be routinely replaced or cleaned. The clogging or accumulation of dirt on the filters could block the normal flow of air thereby reducing the system’s efficiency. This maintenance can reduce the rate at which the air conditioner consumes energy by 5% to 15%.


If you use a central air conditioner, the filters are located along the return duct’s length. Filters are found in common locations in ceilings, furnaces, walls or in the air conditioner itself. While some types of filters can be reused, some must be replaced. Filters are available in diverse types and efficiencies.


The air conditioner’s filters must be cleaned or replaced every two months or during the cooling season. If you use your air conditioner constantly, then you may need to attend to the filters regularly.


·      Coils

The evaporator coil and condenser coil of the air conditioner collect dirt while they are being used. The evaporator can be prevented from being soiled quickly by a clean filter. However, with frequent use, dirt will still be collected on the evaporator coil. This reduces the flow of air and also insulates the coil thereby reducing its heat-absorbing capacity. In order to eliminate this problem, the evaporator coil must be checked and cleaned yearly.


·      Fins

It’s easy for the aluminum fins on evaporator and condenser coils to be bent. When this happens, the airflow through the coil will be blocked. A fin comb can be used to comb the fins back into its original (or nearly original) condition.


·      Condensate Drains

The clogging of the drain channels hinders the unit from reducing humidity. This results in excess moisture which can discolor walls or carpet. To avoid this, a stiff wire can be occasionally passed through the drain channels.



Hiring a Professional

The service of a professional is often important when your air conditioner requires more than regular maintenance. A professional technician will help in locating and fixing the problems in your unit. The technician you hire should:

·      Check for the appropriate quantity of refrigerant

·      Check if the refrigerant is leaking

·      Seal any duct leakage in the central systems

·      Measure the flow of air through the evaporator coil

·      Oil motors and inspect belts for tightness

·      Inspect the accuracy of the thermostat.


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