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There are different types of air conditioners which are meant for different applications. The choice of the air conditioner is often determined by a number of factors. Such factors include the capacity of the area to be cooled, the total heat produced in the enclosed area amongst others. All these factors are put into consideration by an HVAC designer while recommending the system that’s suitable for your space.


Below are the commonly used air conditioners.


  • WindowsAir Conditioner

Window air conditioners are air conditioners that are fitted in window sills. It houses components such as compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve as well as cooling coil enclosed in a single box. Below are the advantages of windows AC:

  • Requires less effort for installation
  • Less expensive


  • Split Air Conditioner

Split air conditioners comprise 2 units- the internal and external. The indoor unit is installed inside a room. It intakes warm air and releases in cold air. The outdoor unit is installed outside the house. It houses the compressor which is linked to the internal unit through drain pipes and electric cables. The external unit expels the warm air. Its advantages include:

  • The internal unit consumes less space for installation
  • It does not affect the home’s décor
  • It is more silent than window ACs
  • It can be used or installed in rooms without windows


  • Tower Air Conditioner

This type of AC is also known as floor-standing ACs. It comprises 2 units- the internal and external. The indoor unit doesn’t require wall installation. It occupies some space on the floor. This type of AC have high cooling capacity and it is suitable for very spacious rooms.


  • Cassette Air Conditioner

They are space-saving air conditioners which are shaped like cassettes. They are installed on ceilings. The panel of the ACs blends with all kinds of home décor. They deliver maximum performances. This type of AC requires no ducting. Other advantages include:

  • It is suitable for cooling large areas where other types of air conditioners don’t reach.
  • It blends with décor.


  • Cube Air Conditioner

This can be installed close to a ceiling or at the window level. It is a smaller version of the split AC and is cheaper. It has an indoor unit which comprises a newly designed diagonal propeller fan. This provides efficient and fast cooling. The AC also has an improved blade curvature with larger intake grill. All these aid the efficiency of the unit’s performance. The advantages of this type of AC include:

  • It can be installed close to the ceiling or at window level
  • It has an improved blade shape for improved performance


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